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Long time.

Man, haven’t blogged in a very long time!!!! Well since I’m on a computer i think i should write something so I am ;). OK, the reason why me and my friend started this blog was to blog about beards. You might think this is dumb but we are fascinated with beards they’re awesome! Even though we cannot fully grow a beard we feel we have the right to comment on them! hahaha. Here’s a few pic’s of celebs with a beard: 

This guy is not only hilarious, he also has an awesome beard! win win situation here with this guy!!!! “NOT at the table Carlos” hahaha

Gerard Butler in this picture has a kind of light beard going on, and what i mean by light beard is not fully grown out and possibly trimmed. 

I have no idea who this guy is. I just thought his beard was pretty cool.

-Big Pappa

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